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 April 5, 2020  
Membership at Christus
Christus Church is known as a place for seekers who want to learn of and grow into a relationship with Jesus Christ. What makes us a church is that we are also a caring community of committed believers. We have lots of attendees and visitors at our worship services, but we also have members. Now one might assume that as long as people follow Christ, the church doesn’t need formal membership. Isn’t it enough simply to call yourself a Christian and attend regularly? WE BELIEVE THERE ARE AT LEAST THREE REASONS FOR FORMAL MEMBERSHIP.

First, we believe the concept of membership is Biblical. Believers in the New Testament clearly identified themselves with a specific local body and were challenged to become devoted participants.

Second, formal membership is valuable to the leaders of the church. At some point, it is important to identify those who comprise the “flock” at Christus - the core that can be counted on. Leaders need to know whether they’re being effective in accomplishing the church’s mission of turning indifferent or irreligious people into devoted followers of Christ. Membership is one way to measure that effectiveness.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, membership benefits the individual. It’s an important spiritual step that moves each of us out of the vague clouds of our good intentions and into the clear light of committed participation. The membership process can be a significant “defining moment” in a Christian’s lifelong decipleship journey.

If you would like to explore becoming a participating member at Christus, simply call the church office at 757-7775 and express your interest.  A reminder letter will also be mailed out to you closer to the actual date of the next series of New Member Classes. Child care will be provided as needed. Thanks and God bless you

Membership Types
The Bible actually describes two kinds of membership in a church. Scripture is full of references to the once and for all union with Christ that happens at the instant of conversion (1st Corinthians 12:12-13; Ephesians 2:13-22; Colossians 1:13-22)

At that moment, you become a “positional member” in the universal church of Jesus Christ, based solely on His merit and grace.

But then the Bible also urges positional members to continue growing by becoming “participating members” in a specific local fellowship of believers (Romans 12:4-8; 1st Corinthians 12:25-31; 14:12-26; Hebrews 10:24-25; 1st Timothy 3:14-15) We cannot see the invisible bond of positional membership, but we can identify those who are the participating members here at Christus.

How can participating membership be described Bibically? We have attempted to summarize it using an outline called “The Five G’s”. People who fulfill the Five G’s are living out the lifestyle of a true participating member. 

To find out more about "The Five G's" click here

Next New Member Class
Date: Fall 2013 (dates to be announced)
Time: To Be Announced
Place: Christus Lutheran Church
Contact: Church Office - 757-7775
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