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 April 1, 2020  
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Music At Christus

The music program at Christus is committed to encouraging members of the congregation interested in offering their praise to the Lord in song.  A wide variety of musical styles are employed during our services.  The 10:35 service has a high energy praise band with song leaders, while the 8:30 service contains a blend of quieter musical selections.



Ways to Volunteer

Giggers:  Song leaders for the services, the vocalists enhance the worship experience by providing amplified support for the congregational singing.  Giggers at the contemporary service rehearse before the 10:35 worship service and also once a month after church.

Adult choir: This group meets twice a month on Wednesday nights and provides anthems on a monthly basis.  Singers from both worship services are encouraged to join this vocal ensemble.

Soloists: Singers with strong abilities will present special songs for the offering or other times during the worship.  Soloists work individually with the music director to prepare the anthems.

Instrumentalists: Whether it is with the band at the contemporary service or at the quieter early worship time, musicians are encouraged to offer their talents at Christus.  There are opportunities for instrumentalists of all skill levels.

Audio support: Individuals may assist the music director by running the sound mixing board and organizing microphones and other audio equipment. 

Youth Music Leader or Assistant: Presently we do not have one but if you would like to start or assist in a youth choir, we would be happy to support your efforts. 

Music director Bruce Koestner leads the program, having been with Christus almost 20 years.  Bruce can be contacted at (920)209-5932 or bkoestner@new.rr.com.    

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