Sunday School Teacher: Work with the Director of Youth Ministry to be placed in a Sunday School room for children who are in PreK through 5th grade. Teachers are provided with all necessary materials for leading class. 

Confirmation Mentor: Team up with another mentor to work together with a small group of students. Gather on Wednesdays and walk with the kids through large group sessions (led by Pastor and Youth Director), then break in to an lead small group sessions. Mentors are provided with all necessary materials for leading small group discussions. 

Lead Adult Study: Facilitate small group discussion for adults based on a general topic for each session. All materials necessary for facilitating discussion will be provided by the Faith Development team. 

Attend Adult Study: Engage with others in the community to learn about your faith, and together learn about God our creator. All studies and topics are chosen by the Faith Development team.

Education Volunteers

Serve God through walking with others as they learn about their faith. At Christus we have many ways to walk with Children of God of ALL ages.

If you are feeling called to share your musical gifts, please indicate so by filling out the 
Christus Time & Talent FormChristus staff will provide training and learning opportunities for all those who are interested in leading studies for adults and youth.