The Faith Development Team provides adult members of Christus with opportunities to help the mature in their faith, and broaden their relationships with each other. The Faith Development team coordinates Sunday Bible studies along with other adult small group study opportunities.

The Outreach & Fellowship Team leads the members of Christus in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people who are not members of a congregation. This team coordinates the efforts of Christus to be a welcoming place for visitors, in addition to opportunities for gathering outside the church walls.

The Service Ministry Team leads Christus' efforts to address the social, economic, and emotional needs of people both within the congregation and the community at large. This team coordinates opportunities to serve the community through sharing time, talent, and financial gifts.

The Worship Ministry Team assists the pastor in providing for the highest quality in Christus' worship, and to involve as many members as possible as participants and leaders according to their gifts.

The Youth Ministry Team provides ministry to and with young people, so that they may grow in faith and in their understanding of themselves as Christians, and as members of Christus; to work for the involvement of young people in all aspects of Christus' life. 

The Business Management Team  oversees the business end of our ministries here at Christus. They manage budget, encourage stewardship, and oversee the care of buildings and grounds.

Ministry Teams

At Christus the work of our congregation is divided amongst six ministry teams that are overseen by the Church Council. These ministry teams meet on a bi-monthly basis and are a crucial part of carrying out the work of our congregation.

The Ministry Teams at Christus are always seeking new members and new insight. If you are feeling called to serve on one of these teams, please indicate so by filling out the Christus Time & Talent Form.