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Other Volunteer Opportunities

The opportunities to share God's love with others are unlimited! At Christus we us spiritual gifts of all kinds to communicate God's grace with the community around us. If you have a special gift or interest to share, please let us know by filling out a Christus Time & Talent Form!

Other Opportunities

Office Help: Come to the office to help prepare mailings, worship materials, and other important parts of the ministries of Christus

Cooking/Baking: Provide food for special events at Christus, including outreach & fellowship events, funerals, and other community gatherings.

Serving Food: Be present at Christus events to serve food for those who gather. Food servers are needed for outreach/fellowhship events, funerals, and other community gatherings.

Paper Crafts: Be part of Christus' card ministry through creating cards to be sent to those who are in need of prayer. Paper crafters are needed to create cards, then pass them on to the individual who oversees our card-writing ministry.

Acting: Actors are sometimes needed in worship to lead parts of the liturgy.

Sewing: Those gifted with sewing assist in making church  banners, creating quilts to share with those in need, and working on other projects as they arise.

Photography/Video: Use your eye to serve God through providing photos and video during Christus events or at other times as requested by staff.

Snow Shoveling: Be part of this important safety ministry of Christus through taking on a week to shovel sidewalks around the church building. 

Web Design: Use your knowledge to contribute to the website ministry of Christus.

Building Care/Repair: Use any trade skills (electric, plumbing, etc) to serve and take care of our church building

Prayer Chain: Engage in the ministry of praying for others. Prayer requests are passed on from staff to other members of the congregation who in turn pray based on those requests.

Lawn Work: Assist in the maintenance of Christus grounds along with our 37 acres of land.

New Member Sponsor: Be part of welcoming new members to our congregation through sponsoring and walking alongside them.