Ministry Team Overview

As with any group, Christus has an organizational structure. This structure allows Christus to provide for the spirtual, emotional and economic needs of Christus members, as well as those outside of the congregation.

This is accomplished through the use of Ministry Teams. Each Ministry Team has an area of focus that allows them to develop programs and events that meet the mission of that team. The teams have a Coordinator who organizes bi-monthly meetings. The team members help lead, organize and participate in the different programs the team has decided to focus on.

Each team has a Church Council member assigned to it. The Council member serves as a communication point to the rest of the Council as to the status of activities for their particular Ministry Team.

Along with the Ministry Teams and Church Council, there is the Business Management Team. This team oversees the day to day secular matters of the church.


Church Council

Church Council Members

The spiritual leaders of the congregation involved in prayer, visioning, empowering, and guiding the overall ministry.

Pastor Jennifer Christenson - Liason to the Faith Development Team

Larry Bentle- President

Jeff Arps - President-Elect, Liason to the Business Management Team

Amy Wierschke - Liason to the Worship Team

Jim Walter - Liason to the Outreach and Membership Growth Team

Bob Hicks - Liason to the Fellowship Team

De Dalum - Liason to Service Team

Zach Juadis - Liason to the Youth Development Team

Pastor Jennifer Christenson - Liason to Faith Development Team

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Faith Development

Faith Development Team

It is the responsibility of the Faith Development Team to assure Christus provides adult members with opportunities to help them mature in their faith, and to deepen and broaden their relationships with Christ and each other. It is their responsibility to plan, publicize, and organize regular activities that will help deepen the faith of adult members of the congregation.

Business Management Team

Business Management Team

Jan Mallmann - Coordinator 

Larry Bentle- President-elect Representative from the Church Council

Adam Hanson - Treasurer & Technology

Nile Beck - Stewardship

Team Members:  Jerry O'Dell and John Brattlund

Business Management Team coordinates and oversees the financial aspects of Christus.

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry Team

Mission Statement: To provide ministry to and with young people (0 to 18 years old), so they may grow in faith and in their understanding of themselves as Christians, and as members of Christus; to work for the involvement of young people in all aspects of Christus’ life.

The Youth Ministry Team oversees all faith education and programming, from babies to high school youth. This includes Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Confirmation, G2 (high school youth group), mission trips and other youth events.

Service Ministry

Service Ministry Team

Mission Statement: To lead Christus’ efforts to address the social, economic, and emotional needs of people both within the congregation, and the community at large.

Some of the organizations we work with:

  • Hortonville Food Pantry
  • Lutheran World Relief 
  • Quilter’s group 
  • Community Social Services agencies 
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Heifer Project
  • Operation Christmas Child
  • Support of missionaries 
  • Meal programs for the local community.
  • Plan, promote and direct special fundraising projects for the poor/needy


Worship Ministry

Worship Ministry Team

Mission Statement: To assist the pastor in providing for the highest quality in Christus worship, and to involve as many members as possible as participants and leaders, according to their gifts.


Outreach Ministry

Outreach and Membership Growth Ministry Team

Mission Statement: To lead the members of Christus in witnessing to the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people who are not active members of a Christian congregation.

Fellowship Ministry

Mission Statement:  To increase Christus’ active membership and to help integrate new members through the offering of regular social event.