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 April 1, 2020  
 Ministries_oldBusiness Management Team   

Business Management Team

Adam Hanson - Coordinator & Technology

Craig Burow - President-elect Representative from the Church Council
Mike S
eeber - Treasurer
Nile Beck - Stewardship

Team Members:  Jerry O'Dell, Jan Mallmann

 Financial Business Management Team Duties - coordinates and oversees: 

  1. Treasurer
  2. Bookkeeper
  3. Annual Audit sub team
  4. Hiring and the setting of annual salaries of church staff
  5. Technology Team Coordinator (Adam Hanson)
    • Upkeep and maintenance of all church computers
    • Upkeep and maintenance of the Christus server network
    • First point of contact on all computer problems before placing any service calls
    • Primary contact for the outside computer services contractor
    • Administrator for the Christus computer network. Recommending software or hardware updates as needed
    • Keep documentation for all software licenses on the church computers
    • Forecast spending for the annual computer budget.
    • Training volunteers to use the Multi Media System in the sactuary
    • Create and maintain user ID’s and passwords for the computer systems
    • Authorized to approve spending up to $500.00, his signature first
    • Forecasting budget for future year
  6. Purchasing, upkeep and replacement of other office equipment
  7. Stewardship Coordinator (Nile Beck)
      • Annual Stewardship Drive
      • Secure financial commitments
      • Motivational temple talks
      • Regular educational/motivational stewardship messages in the church newsletter
      • Educating and promoting automatic electronic withdrawal program from Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
  8. Memorials Coordinators (Suzanne Nuernberger, Kay Giese, Dorothy Ring)
    • Prepare and regularly update a list of needed “Gift Suggestions”
  9. Weekly Money Counter Coordinator
    • Weekly money counters
  10. Communications Coordinator (Patti Ruhle)
    • Video Taping
    • Christus Web page
    • Ads and interest stories in local newspapers
  11. Land User Coordinator (Jim Borowski)
    • New land development
    • Care, upkeep and additions to lawn, shrubs, trees, pond, and landscaping
    • Purchasing and upkeep of grounds equipment and shed(s)
  12. Church Facility Coordinator (Al Pethke)
    • Cleaning, upkeep and purchases for the inside of the church building
    • Cleaning, upkeep and purchases for the outside of the church building
    • Snow plowing
    • Weekly cleaning of the building
    • Purchasing, upkeep, and scheduling for cleaning of furniture and carpets
    • Building, organizing, maintaining and periodic sorting through of stored materials 


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