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 April 5, 2020  
 Ministries_oldOutreach Ministry   

Outreach/Fellowship Ministry Team

Patti Ruhle- Coordinator
Todd Cichon- Council Representative
Team Members: Gary Ruhle, Amie Strange, Nora Broeniman, Becky Falk, James & Laura VanBuskirk, Brenda Walby, Dick & Eileen Steingraber, Karen Toshner, Kris Forsling, Maury Stutz

Mission Statement: To lead the members of Christus in witnessing to the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people who are not active members of a Christian congregation, and to increase Christus’ active membership and to help integrate new members through the offering of regular social event.

Coordinates and oversees:

  1. Greeters and greeting guidelines
  2. Nursery coordinator
    • Purchasing and upkeep of Nursery room and toys/supplies
    • Scheduling and overseeing of Nursery attendants
  3. Church Kitchen Coordinator (Mary Bunnell)
  4. Table of 6 Coordinator 
  5. Fellowship Coordinator 
    • Plan, publicize and organize regular social activities (i.e. fun, interactive type events)
    • Singles group
    • Women’s group
    • Men’s group
    • Couples’ group
  6. Church-sponsored Athletic Team Coordinator (Mark Beyer)
  7. Church Photographer(s)
  8. Church Historian
  9. Special Events Advertising
  10. Possible activities/areas of concern:
    • Nurture and cultivate the spirit of hospitality toward visitors/guests.
    • Provide a system for identifying, welcoming, and obtaining the names and addresses of non-members who attend Christus’ worship services; provide for follow-up contacts to thank them for their participation, obtain feedback on their experience at worship, and ascertain ways Christus might serve them further.
    • Provide a system for making scheduled follow-up contacts with people who are identified as potential members.
    • Plan and conduct promotional campaigns for special events or programs designed for, or open to, non-members of the congregation.
    • Plan and conduct mass mailing invitations to be sent out at targeted times of the year (like Easter, start up of Sunday School, and Christmas) to people in the surrounding community.
    • Educate, encourage, and provide tools to help members invite friends, relatives, and acquaintances to worship with them
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